About Storm & Blackbird

Seeing the same old repetitive stuff over and over again? Well Storm & Blackbird has got you covered. We do gamenites for 3 to 4 different maps to make your custom map experience even better without having other map testing teams treating you like a sheep.


A group of fans of Halo: Custom Edition, who generally help test custom W.I.P. maps from authors who seek advice.

Both school-boy entrepreneurs, Storm & Blackbird, began their split-screen online adventures with the original Halo 1, without generalising themselves in a group, yet.

Founded by Storm & Blackbird on the 1st of November 2010, it was originally a group of players located regionaly in Bavaria, Germany for the sake of cultural banter. At the same time, the YouTube Channel was created with the idea to further train their mic skills for their work and businesses. Blackbird received a full-time job and as time passed, the group fluctuated in being just administered by (SBB) Storm, but began growing again once Halo: Custom Edition became the main game for the channel.

Main circuit for the upturn were among SophiƩ, DeAdAnGeL#, Nomad, Aquilum, Blitz , Michelle, aLTis and McBlue, as well as long-time veterans Burney , RxBCh13f10, greg079, Joy, Levi , Frosty (Alice), killzone64 , Kawaii and Taiwan123. The group play on weekly, recorded gamenites, though the idea to make maps better through testing them arised along the way, helping to characterise the name even further. Among the maps were: Takedown, StarWars, Bigass, etc.